So feeling this right now for Tom Hiddleston :(

So feeling this right now for Tom Hiddleston :(

Eddie Spears in Comanche Moon

Oh, I forgot to add I have left Wattpad for those who read my fics and moved my X-rated fic to Archive of our Own…No native actor fic though, sorry…All British actors…

I am deleting NA Central’s website so if anyone wants any of the pics, grab them soon. I will still add screencaps here though…Well I am off to stare at Loki oxoxoxo

Yellow Rock Smutty Fanfic…

My friend wrote this fanfic; Broken Strings…Warning, it is smut…

I am changing this blog from NA Central to a blog with native actors’ fanart. We are deleting NA Central from Tumblr.

I still have my other blog (Tom Hiddleston, Loki, Borgias, Ben Barnes, Robin Hood, Narnia) on here for those of you who follow it.

Hugs, AvalonĀ